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West Houston's Luxury Boudoir Photography

Quick, don't think!

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The Goddess Experience is not your typical boudoir experience. This is so much more than sexy photos. This is about you, as a woman, connecting back with the one person you have set on the back burner - YOUR SELF.  This is an moment where its all about you without any burden.  

You taking a moment for yourself, to be with yourself, to learn about yourself to connect with yourself.  While you are connecting with you, we will work on your confidence by showing you that you are perfect just the way you are. No diets or big changes necessary. 

Body type doesn't matter and age doesn't matter. All I need is you, ready to embark on a journey of self love and self care with the ability to give yourself grace and celebrate you.

Lets do this!



Send me an email! We can schedule our Phone Consultation to discuss your vision and answer any questions you have. Once you choose a date and get booked in, we can start the fun part; the planning! I'll email over all the details and tips, so you don't have to worry about anything...I'll even help you shop for lingerie!




Once you arrive at my in-home studio, in Katy Texas, we'll get you all set with hair &makeup...let the pampering begin! Your 6 hour experience includes 1.5 hours of shooting time, and don't worry, you don't need to know how to pose or look sexy, I'll guide you and pose you right down to your fingertips. You'll definitely want to plan a night out after your session since you'll be all dolled up! This day is all about you!


The day of you will recieve Hair & Makeup provided by Brandi Ann Fowler Professional Hair & Makeup.  

She is amazing. She knows how to work with all of the different skin tones and hair types.  Her work is remarkable!




Next we will start walking through our three sets.  We will go from moody dark set with an amazing velvet green couch to our bedroom set fit with crystals and red silk sheets. Then we will finish in our BOHO room with lots of wicker, pinks, blues and full of plants.  Its an amazing day together and I promise we will do nothing but laugh. Pure enjoyment and relaxation.



The same day reveal is directly after the session.  You will see yourself in all of your amazing glory.  And you will see JUST how AMAZING you really are! You will select your images & products the same day. *Photo retouching is included to the photographer's eye.

See what Clients are saying:


"I loved the way the photoshoot made me feel. I never thought I could look this fantastic.  Tiffany guided me through the session, posing and made me laugh the whole time.  When we looked through the photos after I really wasn't sure what to expect. WOW was I amazed. This was before she even retouched a single thing.  I will never look at myself the way I did before experiencing this hoot with Tiffany,"

- D




I always played with the thought of trying boudoir but was to ashamed of my body. Then I got to talking with Tiffany after seeing a few of my friends that worked with her and I'm glad I did. She helped my confidence in myself show. I want to do this again! 


- H

Isabel_Lanza Manage Photography_Katy TX2

Boudoir isn’t about gorgeous photos but about a personal decision to say “I’m beautiful as I am”. It takes so much vulnerability and beauty shows through in that vulnerability. I don’t love myself all the time. This shoot helped me to be in touch with the powerful force that is a confident woman. 


Kenni_Lanza Manage Photography_Katy TX45.jpg

I was so nervous. Can I just start with that? This is so out of my comfort zone and it was something I could never tell my friends I was doing. 

BUT this experience changed my life. It showed me, myself. Like the side of myself I never take the time to look at and appreciate.  I plan to do this again soon because the feeling it left me with is intoxicating.

- K

Quick, don't think!

Text (949)292-7256 and lets chat.



Q. Boudoir isn't for me.
A.  Yes it is! Boudoir is for everyone! Every woman should experience this now - right now.  Because you need to celebrate you.

Q. I have no idea how to pose, will you tell me what to do?
A. I will work with you on posing - that is why you pay me!

Q. I want to book a shoot but I am nervous....
A.   Everyone is nervous.  You will have a wonderful time.  We will literally be laughing and enjoying each moment of the shoot.  
Q. Where will my boudoir session take place?
A.   The majority of shoots take place in my in-home studio. Hair and Makeup is done right on location and I have 2-3 sets we will shoot through.  If you would like to have your shoot in a hotel or specific location then that is fine! you will just need to reserve the hotel room, airbnb or location for the shoot.

Q. How long is a session?
A.  A session is about 6 hours including hair and makeup and same day reveal.

Q. Hair and Makeup? 
A. Hair and Makeup is not included but I will connect you with an I work with an amazing artist. She will take great care of you.   

Q. Investment. How much does a session cost?
A. Lets chat about this!  Feel free to send me a text at 949-292-7256 and we can schedule a call. 



You don't have to be perfect to be beautiful.
- unknown

Quick, don't think!

Text (949)292-7256 and lets chat.

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