Senior Photography

Lanza Manage is a Photography Company that specializes in senior photography in Katy Texas and the Houston Texas area.

Tiffany pours her heart and soul into each client she meets, and approaches each session with their unique style and needs in mind. We believe your photo session is much more than just a photo session, which is why we have designed custom digital, print & product collections for you to choose from. Every image you receive from Lanza Manage Photography has been carefully selected and retouched to perfection.


Location Ideas



What to Expect

Where do you want your Senior Portraits taken?  

Check out the locations tab above for photos of ideas around Katy and Houston! You will get 2 outdoor locations and in studio time as well with each senior shoot. 



Schedule your Senior Session a few months early.  Once the weather begins to get warm in the spring, my schedule begins to fill up, so make sure you get your session scheduled for your most convenient time.



We require a $150 session fee with Collections start at $405. My average Client spends about $1200.

What should you wear?  

My suggestion is to wear your favorite outfit[s]. I would suggest 2-3 outfits.  This will give you confidence while your are strutting your stuff!  Just try to avoid real trendy clothes, bold colors, girls - tube tops!  Also try to avoid large flowers, stripes or patterns.  


Hair Dye/ Waxing/Shaving

Dont make any big changes to yourself before your pictures.  Always wanted to be a blonde?  This is not the day to do it!  What if you hate it?  If you have an appointment for a wax, you’ll want to have that done at least two days prior to your Senior session.  You’d be amazed at what the camera sees!  Guys, don’t forget to shave the morning of your session [unless you want that hair!].  Blemishes?  No worries!  You can do your best to conceal them, but don’t sweat it…I can remove them in a flash.

Professional Hair & Makeup

See the Vendor Tab.


What Will Happen During Your Session…

How long will it take?  

You can plan on about 2 hours for a Senior Portrait session.


What will we do? 

First I want you to know.. we will laugh.. we will talk about what your favorite moment of the last 4 years were.  I will take time to figure out how to make you smile, laugh, give me the serious look.. and make it look real!  Dont stress about posing and if you look good. I have you covered.  You will look amazing!


Can I bring a friend? Dog? Girlfriend? Boyfriend? Cat? 

Sure!  Sometimes it helps to have someone there to help you relax or laugh. I will be concentrating on your Senior session, but your friend is more than welcome to come.  It’s always nice to have someone goofy standing behind me, but just warn him/her that I will probably put him to work! :)


Contract and Model release.  

After we’re finished with the session, I’ll need you or your parents to fill out a short Model Release.



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