About Me


I am a photographer, living in Katy Texas, who is drawn to Artistic flair, dramatic light, simplistic settings and emotional moments that will take your breath away. 

But, more importantly, I'm head over heels about getting to know your specific qualities that make you and your family so uniquely and amazing.  By capturing these special qualities I'm able to craft the story of you and your families’ life through each and every important moment… High School Seniors, Goddesses, Brands...

I work in the real estate world full time and do photography as my creative side gig.  Not that my daytime gig isn’t creative.  I take pride in handling the Architectural Control for a land developer in Houston. Which means I am constantly analyzing the architecture of Houston’s homes, commercial developments and providing feedback in regards to our Master Planned Community Development.  Creative, Color and composure is my thing! 


What else is there to know about me?  My husband and I have three kids. They are our world and featured throughout a lot of my website.  We have a dog named Gypsy and she is just amazing!  I love Yoga, Ice cream, cake, taking walks in the evenings, taking spur of the moment road trips, being surrounded by amazing friends and family, crafting randomly, playing with my kids and just anything else that tickles my fancy at that moment! 

I hope you enjoy my website.  Please take a look around and let me know if you have any questions!